Self-Development for a greater experience of life

We offer learning and development of Body, Mind & Spirit in Self, Culture & Nature using an Integral approach

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Learning progressively

Taking the steps that suit you, rather than what suits us


We feature special workshops led by our instructors and guest facilitators.

Learn at your own pace

Our training courses allow you to develop in your own way and at your own pace

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What our learners say about us

"The exercises were very illuminating. Brilliant course, everyone should attend."
"Amazing - Deeply Transformative."
"I might say that it's most helpful in getting to the kernel of one's being, warts and all, and realising that they're not necessarily warts."
"Very Meaningful and Illuminating."
"Concise, well presented, good content. The ability to engage in a non-confrontational way. I would recommend it as being very useful and grounding."
"Brilliant Informative and useful. Teaching and presentation superb!"

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