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At the Centre for Integral Health we are dedicated to helping you develop your life and your understanding of yourself and others. We share with you tools for expanding and developing body, mind and spirit in self, culture and nature, using the Integral framework of Ken Wilber. This is married with some of the latest and most robust theories on how to be healthy and whole in our modern society and to overcome some of our most challenging aspects of being human today.

Modern tools for self-development

Our mission is to assist you in living a fuller and healthier life. By training and developing how we see our life, we change our experience of life and relationships. Think of it as upgrading the operating system of your phone, it enables you to function at deeper and broader levels of wellebing.

Private instructors

All our courses come with options to have private 1-2-1's with your tutors.


As well as self-guided, you can also join selected live and in person experiences

Community Support

Join with a community of learners, sharing your progress with individuals on similar paths, as you grow

Summer programs

Keep progressing even in your summer holidays though a variety of engaging music activities.

Core Features

Ensure you get a solid grounding in the subjects that matter to you.

Video Conferencing

Enhance your virtual programs through access to high-quality live sessions.

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Meet our world-class team of instructors
World-class team

Develop Your Professional Skills

Our trainers will help you unveil the little-known parts to nurture your online development in easy stages. Our director Ben Calder is a fully qualified teacher and all our team have extensive practical and specific knowledge of their fields.
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