Live Classes - Join us for group experiences with our tutors

  • Experienced Instructors
  • Suitable for all
  • Various times and days
  • Livestream or "In Person"
  • Develop at your own pace
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Regular live sessions to develop your health

Group experiences to maximise learning, fun and sense of community

There is no doubt that joining a live class can really help to improve our learning and experience, whilst allowing for real-time feedback from one of our experienced instructors and community interaction.
By enrolling in our live classes you will maximise your development opportunities:

  • Get instant feedback on your practice
  • Reinforce your understanding of the subjects
  • Share healthy positive experiences with a community of likeminded people
  • Ask questions on areas of uncertainty
  • Create regular time for investing in your wellbeing
Once you have signed up for the classes, go to the COURSE PLAYER to find the calendar where you can book in for both the in-person and livestreamed classes.
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Live class reviews

"I am sure that if it wasn't for your classes, the function in my left bicep would have not come back. Also I would have not been able to recover from my chemotherapy so quickly, I can not thank you enough"
"As someone that has quietly practiced Qigong for many years it was great to join a class and get feedback that fully supported my journey. Great day and will be back for more"
"Love the Qigong classes Ben runs. Professional, safe and informative. Thanks Ben"
"I am so glad you have started (LifeForce Qigong) on zoom. For a little while before that 1st class I could feel myself going down mentally. I had been doing some practice on my own, definitely not for long enough or often enough, I don't have the motivation on my own. So joining your classes makes all the difference for me. I am now in a really good place again. So thank you very much"
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